Meet Rachel Amanda

I was raised with photography, it’s in my blood, it feeds my soul.  My grandfather used to take pictures of us and disappear into his darkroom, only to return a while later with magic on paper!   That feeling is why I feel alive behind the camera and is how I became an award winning photographer.  Now, I am creating images for products that you’ll always treasure!  I still have those images my grandfather created because they were on print, not digital copies to be lost over time.  Physical pieces that my kids will show their own children some day = priceless!

Looking for a classic or enhanced style?  Would you like your photo session to be truly enjoyable, an experience to remember, not just a total hassle or a stressed out time with the kids?  Want to have a gathering of your besties and create an album you’ll all cherish forever?  Is your young daughter desiring to have a fashion shoot for her birthday party with all of her friends?  My specialty is classic and enhanced digital artistry portraiture for your timeless memories!

How about portrait artwork with a WOW factor?  A beloved image as a six foot canvas over the fireplace or create a wall collage.  Can’t imagine?  LOOK BELOW!  I will create a family album that your young child will still have in their own collection as an adult!  One which you will never seen a similar copy of as each is uniquely customized to YOU!  Does that sound like the type of experience you’d like to have and the style of artwork you’d love to call your friends and family over to gush about?

Then you need to contact me!  I will provide you with a fun, enjoyable and memorable portrait session and I’ll create a unique experience customized to your needs, as well as, making some suggestions you’ll love.  With those images I’ll create valuable heirloom artwork you will treasure forever!  Ready to hang portrait artwork collections begin at $400 and single image portrait artwork begins at $185.  On average our clients invest between $900-$2500 in our timeless treasures.

To view my work click on ‘Gallery’ above, see if my styles fit your needs.  If so, contact me today to schedule your consultation at no cost to you!

A la carte prints and many other unique display options available.